KSMV considers its employees as the company’s most important asset and competitive advantage towards our competitors at home and aborad. We are therefore always looking for good professionals who can help develop KSMV further.

In return, we offer a good working environment, good career opportunities and competitive conditions.

Historically, our employees have decided to stay a long time with us, and we consider this to be a healthy sign telling us that we have succeeded in establishing a good work environment and place to be for our employees. As a result, the company experiences loyal employees with good work ethics and can-do approach to business.

We place very strong emphasis on health, safety, and environment procedures in our day-to-day work because we want to safeguard the wellbeing of our employees, and other people involved in the production or use of our products. In return, there are very few reported work related injuries at KSMV.


Do you want to work for us?

Today, we have more than 60 skilled employees, but we are always seeking to get in touch with personnel with documented skills and work moral.

We are therefore glad to welcome your CV and application by e-mail to post@ksmv.no